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【Seeknit・近畿編針】五本針/單針號 (美規US) (日本製)

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Koshitsu・硬質竹|五本針/單針號 (美規US) 

Seeknit (KA knitting needle), a century-old bamboo knitting needle brand from Nara, Japan, is famous for its fine knitting process and Japanese minimalist style of Japanese knitting needles.

Handmade bamboo knitting needles by Japanese craftsmen one by one, with the unique toughness and elasticity of bamboo, warm feeling, easy to hold, rotary connection head design, knitting needle is not easy to loosen, perfect display of Japanese rigor and high quality spirit!

Koshitsu Black Bamboo, a bamboo treatment technology exclusively developed by Seeknit, the bamboo is soaked in high temperature and high pressure and natural vegetable wax, and then hand-made needles by the craftsmen one by one, and the specially treated bamboo is denser and stronger, and the surface is smoother, which greatly improves the durability and holding comfort of the knitting needle, making the weaving smoother.

*Note: This page is for US (US) systems.

【Brand Story】

Founded in 1916, Seeknit (KA knitting needle), a century-old bamboo knitting needle brand from Nara, Japan, has been continuously improving the technology of making knitting needles and tools in the past 100 years, and has a strong and rich experience in needle-making.

Originally named "KA Knitting Needle", on the 100th anniversary of its founding, Seeknit established a new knitting tool brand - Seeknit with the meaning of seeking and knitting, hoping to continue to explore the beauty of the world of weaving and continue to promote the ancient art of weaving with the experience of witnessing the changes in knitting technology over the past 100 years.

Since its establishment, Seeknit has continued to keep pace with the times, with the core values of sustainable development and environmental protection, as well as its meticulous and rigorous needle knitting process, combined with Japanese minimalist design, to create a variety of exquisite, practical and durable knitting needles and tools.

Bamboo, with its fast-growing characteristics and low carbon emissions, has a relatively low impact on environmental pollution, while its fibers are tough and elastic, making it ideal as a material for knitting needles and related tools, so Seeknit's bamboo knitting needles can achieve a minimum fineness of 2mm, and still maintain great elasticity without being too spiky.

Seeknit's insistence on the selection of domestic bamboo as the material, coupled with the fact that each knitting needle and tool is carefully handcrafted by craftsmen, and the process is complicated and lengthy, so that Seeknit, which prides itself on producing high-quality and Japanese-made knitting needles, has not produced as many products as other brands, but it is also worth cherishing such a precious spirit and product.

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