<為孩子而生 100%天然纖維 高品質安全波蘭新興品牌>

Emerging wire brands from Poland,

The manager, Krystian, is the largest and most prestigious wire producer in Scandinavia

He has been working as a product manager for 7 years before returning to his hometown - Poland to start a business

With his son's name as a brand, Gabo Wool was founded.

Adhering to the concept of sustainability, safety and non-toxicity, fair trade, high quality and promotion of weaving skills,

Gabo Wool is passionate about developing a wide range of threads, both traditional and combined with the latest textile technologies

All products use completely non-toxic, heavy metal-free dyes,

Starting from his hometown, he gradually promoted "Slow Fashon, Slow Fashion" life.

Gabo Wool (Poland)

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