Seeknit (KA knitting needle), a century-old bamboo knitting needle brand from Nara, Japan, is famous for its fine knitting craftsmanship and Japanese minimalist style.

Since its founding in 1916, we still use Japanese bamboo as a material, and each weaving tool is handmade by skilled craftsmen, and we pride ourselves on producing "Japanese-made" bamboo knitting needles.

Originally named "KA Knitting Needle", on the 100th anniversary of its founding, Seeknit, a new knitting tool brand based on the purpose of seeking and knitting, hopes to continue to explore the beauty of the weaving world and continue to promote the ancient art of weaving with its 100-year experience of witnessing the changes in weaving technology.

Seeknit uses domestic bamboo as the material, using the tough and elastic fiber characteristics of bamboo to produce a variety of high-quality weaving tools, diversified and delicate, derived from the spirit of Japanese craftsmen and the perfect insistence of craftsmanship.

Because of the handmade needle and the complicated processing of bamboo, the production period is long and the quantity is limited.

  • Rotatable interchangeable wheel needle (single pay/set)
  • 23cm asymmetrical fixed wheel needle
  • Replacement needle with connecting cable
  • Kushi needle (set)
  • Woven accessories and gadgets

Lucid Islet Knit is an official distributor of Seeknit.

Seeknit Knitting Tools

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