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Shimizu Eri|Fog & POP Loose Top Material Pack- Fog Original Line (1/31 5% Off Exclusive Offer)

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Fog & POP|

An ultra-loose casual top designed by Japanese designer Shimizu Eri in the airy, marshmallow-like Gabo Wool classic wire - Fog.

Eriさん alternately uses two different sizes of rod needles to weave undulating needles, creating a texture texture different from the general undulating needles, even if it is a very loose version, the whole piece is very light and cute (the general size is about 300-350g), although the needles are large, but the plush of merino and alpacas is scattered among them, which is not stuffy and has a certain warmth, which is very suitable for Taiwan's winter.

Weaving is not included in this package.

This package is an exclusive collaboration with Eriさん and authorizes 小島島
to translate the Chinese version, Chinese, Japanese and English versions of the weaving map to Eriさん的Ravelry購買:

* Purchase this material pack on this official website before January 31, 2024 to enjoy a 5% discount on the purchase of Fog & POP weaving!

(After completing the purchase, another private message will send a Ravelry 5% off purchase code).

【 Details of each size 】

Screenshot 2024-01-14 12.19.47 AM

【 Wire dosage 】

Size: 1 (2, 3, 4, 5) (6, 7, 8, 9).

Finished bust: 124 (134, 144, 154, 164) (174, 184, 194, 204) cm

Recommended bulk: about 30-47 cm more than the actual chest circumference

As for the size 1, there is approximately 50cm of loose weight.

Eriさん uses a color number: light gray.

【 Contents of the material package 】

Please choose according to your size!

* Note: The maximum needle size used for this jacket is 12mm, the needle size is quite large, the version is loose, and the size is generally about 1.

* Reference: Because this top alternately uses 2 different needle sizes of rod knitting, Kojima switches to 5.5mm + 10mm rod knitting, the fabric density is smaller, and the size 2 is about 30-35cm bust loose.

For large needles (up to 10 mm), please refer to the Seeknit rotatable interchangeable wheel needles.

【 Wire Information 】

Fog・Mist, a delicate blend of young alpaca + merino, is blown into the core of the chain type Pima cotton using a unique textile technique, and the thread is fluffy, soft and soft like a marshmallow, light and airy like a mist.

The applicability of this thread is quite wide, and the plain weave is very distinctive.


  1. The plush of Fog is quite rich and airy, so do not pull too much when weaving, and do not disassemble the weave many times, so as not to affect its elasticity and cause hair removal.
  2. When Fog's fabric is put into the water, it becomes soft due to the weight of the water, but it immediately returns to its fluffiness and even thicker after drying.
  • Wire composition: 28% young alpaca + 28% merino + 44% pima cotton
  • Weight per ball / Wire length: 50g/125m
  • Wire thickness: Worsted~Aran
  • Recommended needle size (rod needle) : 4-6 mm
  • Fabric density: 10x10cm, 16 needles x 24 segments
  • Women's adult sweater (size M) The dosage is about 350-400g 

【Brand Story】

Gabo Wool, an emerging wire brand from Poland, aims to produce high-quality, all-natural fiber filaments that children can safely use, promote weaving and promote "Slow Fashon" living. All of its filaments comply with Fair Trade and OEKO-TEX standards, use high-quality dyes from European manufacturers with low environmental impact, and are free of heavy metals and AZO-free (azo-free) chemicals.

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